Anti Human – Cards Against the Norwegian

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Anti Human Card is a Norwegian alternative to Cards Against Humanity!

New updated 2017 edition with over 100 new and even better short – as well as blank cards you can create your own combinations.

The game is very simple: In front of every round makes a player a question from a black card, and everyone responds with its funniest white card.

In antihuman game starts with each player draws 10 white cards each. The person who has been to the loo last game starts as Short Head, drawing a black card, which he then read out loud to everyone. Then answer all others with its funniest white short by placing it face down and give it to the Short boss. Short Boss mixes all the answers and read them up high for the players. For full effect, it is recommended that you read the black card again for each white reply cards. Short chief then selects the answer he likes best, and the one who has laid out the card gets 1 point. After the round, another player Card Manager. One should always have 10 white cards in your hand, so after each round, pull the number of cards you have played out in the previous round.

Contains 550 cards total, 90 black question cards and 460 white response card, which provides infinitely many wonderful combinations. The cards are of high quality and delivered in sturdy storage box.


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