DRUNK STONED OR STUPID | Cards Against Humanity

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Drunk Stoned or Stupid is a party game for you and your stupid friends. Read about it and buy it here.

Game board anti-human card series creates Stoned or Stupid drunken fool spot supply

Game Play Method:
First, a player reads the card aloud as a judge. Then everyone can express their opinions and choose who the card is and why.
The reason can be based on the personality characteristics of a people, done or anything else. This game is fair, as long as you casually say similar points can be. Then the judge decided according to everybody’s opinion who this card belongs to.
The man got the card. Then replace a judge and rerun the game until someone gets 7 cards, the first person to get a 7-card loser. This game has only losers, no winners.

Warning: This game is not for everybody. The game was invented by two brothers, usually playing among very familiar friends.

27 Boxes
Outer box Size: 40
Single weight: 0.6kg
Gross weight 16kg


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