Never Have I Ever cards against humanity

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With 550 cards, every game of Never Have I Ever will present a chance to relive life’s funny, embarrassing and awkward moments.

we make it a point to play the subject game a bunch of times, often with lots of different groups. Our review style, that whole ‘conversational’ thing we do, exists because we all have our differing opinions on games, and maybe I’m in love with something, but Rob hates it, and Jess is kickass at it but doesn’t really enjoy it, but Diana thinks the art is neat, and so on. We don’t like giving just one perspective on things, though when we agree, it makes reviews really easy. And if a game is a flop for us, we try to play it around to try to figure out why we’re not connecting to it.
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The basics. Never Have I Ever: The Game Of Poor Life Decisions is based on a classic drinking/party/college game that far predates the subject of this review (and for the rest of the review, I will use NHIE to refer to the party game, as opposed to the card game). There are a million variants on it, but the structure goes like this – Someone starts a sentence with the phrase ‘Never have I ever…’ and then details some embarrassing scenario. Then, anyone who DID do that thing either takes a drink or puts down a finger or whatever, and if you are the last person who didn’t get embarrassed out of the game/pass out on the floor, you win. It’s an activity based on shameful admissions and group laughter, about picking embarrassing things of which you know your friends are guilty, and, mostly, it’s about getting/being drunk.

This is a card game adaptation by Ideas Never Implemented, for 4-12 players. I’ll say up front that we went in with high hopes – this game is very highly rated, claiming a #1 Best Seller seal on Amazon. But we found that this classic party game does not translate well into ‘card game’ form.
Includes 550 Cards (485 Blue cards and 65 Red cards)
Get to know your friends a WHOLE LOT better!
Professionally printed on premium playing cards
Includes game rules (or make up your own) and shrink-wrapped in a custom box
100% satisfaction guarantee or your money-back (full refunds for any reason)


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